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Storage & Slipway Pricing

Dry Storage is the best way to preserve you vessels life and meet your everyday boating needs with easy access to a slipway 24/7 365 days a year.

In the current climate, saving money is key and dry storage is the best option weather your vessel is used frequently or not. Whatever the size we have the capability to launch and recover your vessel swiftly maximizing your enjoyment but minimizing your costs.

For the seasoned slipway users we can store your vessel for less than other local marinas with the advantage of unlimited slipway use 24/7, 365 days a year.

Unlike other marinas; L.S Marine believes that you should have access to use your vessel all year round at an affordable price where as local marinas will end the season in September.

Your vessel is conveniently located just 2 minutes from one of the country´s best slipways, it is not tidal and is in excellent condition. Our yard is extremely secure with CCTV and high perimeter walls, backing on to the main SWT rail line. We have all the facilities you require for storing and cleaning your vessel, water, electricity and jet wash are available, and whether you want to clean it yourself ,or use one of our trained staff members, we can accommodate all your requirements.

Please visit our additional services link for pricing on cleaning and other onsite services all offered at very competitive prices, and don´t forget to check out are promotions page for discounts on storage and other services.

We offer three Storage Options which are listed below:-

Option 1*

Storage only (If you have your own trailer and vehicle to slip it)

  • For vessels up to 20ft £20.00 per week

  • 20-30ft £1.15 per foot

  • 30-40ft £1.45 per foot

  • 40ft + £1.75 per foot

Option 2*

Storage, launch and recovery (When you have your own trailer but need help launching and recovering the vessel) Option 1 fees plus:

  • For vessels up to 25ft £33.33 each way

  • 25ft + £62.00 each way

Option 3*

Storage, launch and recovery (No trailer - No problem we will store your vessel on a cradle, call us 24 hours before you want to use it and we will use our trailer and slip it for you) Option 1 fees plus

  • For vessels up to 25ft £85.75 each way

  • 25ft + £112.00 each way

*All three options require a slipway pass for Cobbs Quay Marina which we offer at a discount. Choose any of the three options and you automatically qualify for our customer promotions all year round. Just take a look at the promotion box below and start taking advantage immediately. You will receive all the normal facilities at Cobbs Quay Marina as one of our customers including toilets and the shower block, wifi and more.

Examples of savings

20ft Vessel at Cobbs Quay Marina April-September 26 weeks Only £1100

20ft Vessel At L.S Marina April -September 26 weeks Only £ 900

Saving £200*

*This saving equates to a further 10 weeks of storage at L.S Marina and your full slipway pass for the year is included in this price, so you can keep using your vessel all year round for less. This is more advantageous than Cobbs Quay Marina where you are required to buy a slipway pass after September and there is no onsite storage of a trailered vessel after September.